Vilnius Tech Leads – The Impossible One

2020-02-18 19:00
Vinted HQ

The theme for the fourth meetup of the fourth season: impossible.

The fourth season of Vilnius Tech Leads felt impossible four years ago. We didn’t even dare to dream that far ahead. Let’s start this season by talking about impossible objectives. Sometimes, those goals are set by our leads and we are compelled to try and reach them. Some other times, preposterous goals are created for us by us. Let’s discuss what kind of skills, structures, situations help and allow us to try and reach the seemingly impossible. Here’s who gonna tell their stories:

Eglė Radvilė (CTO @ Vilnius)

See you there!

If you’d like to speak at this or a future Vilnius Tech Leads meetups, message one of the organizers or email mindaugas at vinted dot com.