Website development and SEO training with an LLE scholarship

The ABC of Website development will introduce you to using the well-known “Wordpress” platform, teach you how to optimize your website for appearing in search results (SEO – Search Engine Optimization) and develop advertising campaigns.



The basics of creating web pages will allow you to learn how to use the popular WordPress platform, how to optimize web page search (SEO), create promotional campaigns.


After the course, you will be able to develop an appealing website with the WordPress system in use, attractively represent your goods or services online, successfully advertise your business online even with a budget of 1€ per day, apply the SEO knowledge gained to websites, develop effective Google AdWords campaigns, create content marketing strategies and sell good and services online.


Nowadays, a website is vital for every business, organization, or service provider, so learning to create it is a very useful and profitable skill. This may be based on numbers – more than 4,000 people each month search Google for a web developer.


Luminor gives you the opportunity to pay for your tuition in instalments.

You can pay for your studies with the consumer loan, which is suitable for learning, travel and other purposes, and a payment period of 1 to 5 years.

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General Financing gives the opportunity to pay for training by instalments. General Financing ensures highly flexible and convenient payment terms – everyone who wants to pay can lease up to 12 months without any price increases.

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The state can finance training and provide additional compensation during the learning period: a study grant and trips to and from the training location. Contact us to find out about the funding opportunities available to you.

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Career planning


The goal of CodeAcademy is not only to provide knowledge, but also to help you retrain. We organize career workshops for students, in which students analyze market and companies operating in Lithuania as well as plan their future career.
  • CV/Linkedin
  • Portfolio
  • Market analysis

Personal consultations

Each CodeAcademy student gets an individual time to help prepare for a job interview with a future employer.

Career opportunities


  1. Introduction to SEO - optimization for search engines 2 hours

    • Start of the course and introduction to SEO: what is Search Engine Optimization?
    • SEO Evolution. First methods, targeting optimized websites in search engines.
    • SEO Best practices and examples.
    • The Journey of SEO – Today, Tomorrow and in the Future.
  2. Basics of SEO Search Engine Optimization 24 hours

    • Internal and external website optimization.
    • Introduction to internal website optimization. What is that and why is it done?
    • Introduction to external website optimization. What is that and why is it done?
    • Introduction to technical website optimization. What is that and why is it done?
    • Keywords theory and analysis.
  3. Website optimization for the “Google” search engine 14 hours

    • Internal website optimization for advanced users: how should a website look in order to be easily optimized?
    • Local SEO. Website or webpage optimization for a specific city or region.
    • SEO campaign development. We figure out how to create a campaign that maximizes the number of visitors on a website.
  4. Internet marketing optimization 41 hours

    • Introduction to content marketing
    • Social media marketing
    • Social media stars’ marketing
    • Appealing content creation
  5. Website optimization for the “Google” search engine 34 hours

    • Installation and training of main special tools used in SEO optimization.
    • The Google Search Engine
    • Evaluating the effectiveness of different tools and campaigns
    • Website optimization for local and international markets
    • Optimization of mobile websites and apps
  6. Preparing an optimization report for a client 20 hours

    • What is a website optimization report? What data should be presented to the client?
    • Analysis of SEO possibilities
    • Content evaluation
    • Presentation of results acquired
  7. WordPress training 21 hours

    • Why is it useful to know WordPress when working in Online Marketing?
    • WordPress content management system, it’s functions and possibilities.
    • Main CSS and HTML code characteristics and functionality.


Tomas Dambrauskas

Linkedin Website development and SEO
Digital Marketing Project Manager at

Žilvinas Kazlauskas

Linkedin Website development and SEO
Freelance consultant digital marketing, SEO, Google ADS, WordPress

Dates & Prices

  • Period
    23 April – 21 May
    160 hours
    8:00 - 16:00
    936€* if paid in advance; 1040€ LLE Scholarship. State financing available.