Web Design (UX/UI) Studies

These advanced studies are tailored to fully explore the process of design, trying different styles and types of design.



These advanced studies are tailored to fully explore the process of design, trying different styles and types of design. The course also includes a look at the business administration side of things: managing, testing, customer and consumer interactions. You will become familiar with all the necessary tools used in design during your studies and will have some finalized designs for e-commerce, representative or application websites after graduating. 


After completing the Web Design (UX/UI) course, you will be able to combine web logic and information architecture. Will be able to draw wireframes and create appropriate design solutions. Knowledge is used to develop all digital solutions: online banners, web pages and applications.


After completing this course will be able to start a career as a freelance designer, as the demand for these professionals has increased significantly. Designers are also hired for website creation, design and creative agencies and startups.


Luminor gives you the opportunity to pay for your tuition in instalments.

You can pay for your studies with the consumer loan, which is suitable for learning, travel and other purposes, and a payment period of 1 to 5 years.

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General Financing gives the opportunity to pay for training by instalments. General Financing ensures highly flexible and convenient payment terms – everyone who wants to pay can lease up to 12 months without any price increases.

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The state can finance training and provide additional compensation during the learning period: a study grant and trips to and from the training location. Contact us to find out about the funding opportunities available to you.

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Career planning


The goal of CodeAcademy is not only to provide knowledge, but also to help you retrain. We organize career workshops for students, in which students analyze market and companies operating in Lithuania as well as plan their future career.
  • CV/Linkedin
  • Portfolio
  • Market analysis

Personal consultations

Each CodeAcademy student gets an individual time to help prepare for a job interview with a future employer.

Career opportunities


  1. User Interface Design (UI) 102 hours

    Review of different website types (representative, functional (app), online store, informational, blog, social networks, landing page): analysis, differences, goals and composition of each type.

    Task: Build two website of the types analyzed – sketches, designs and prototypes.

    Review and analysis of commonly used components, challenges and solutions for UX. Modal windows, buttons, sliders, paging, elements in forms, notifications, progress indicators, slides, toolbars, tabs, banners, email subscription forms, embedded media (video, maps, audio, etc.) ir other solutions.

    Task: build a library of different website elements in the style of your choice including fonts, the color pallet, icons, pictures, etc.

    Theory behind adaptive design for smaller screens: how does content layout change, what are the other UX related challenges and solutions. Preference of smartphone screen sizes.

    Task: Build a website sketch for three different sized screens (desktop computer, tablet, smartphone).

    Theory and practice in building animation prototypes. Animated CSS and SVG solutions. Durations, speed changes, pauzes, sequencing. Learning how to work with an animation software, Adobe Photoshop functions for animation.

  2. Graphic Design 53 hours

    Further assessment of the available expressive tools, the emotions they evoke in users and it’s application: composition, contrast and nuances, rhythm, direction, texture, colors, perspectives, grids, spatiality, negative space, statics and dynamics, symmetry and assymetry. Compositional centres and axes (golden ratio, the rule of thirds and others).

    Analysis of different styles of design, connections between website themes and emotions they evoke and the application of these connections.

    Task: sketching a few differently styled websites.

    Review and development of illustration, collage and icon styles. Special effects. Composition, color pallets and technical requirements. Use of animations. Development of icon libraries, maintaining scales using grids, benefits and shortcomings of converting into icon fonts.

    Task: Creating an illustration. Creating a graphical composition. Creating an icon.

    Picture retouch, color and contrast editing, adding and removing objects from a picture, portrait retouch. Photomontage.

    Task: Retouch and application in a photomontage.

  3. Website User Experience (UX) 28 hours

    Most important parts of user surveying, potential questions and insights. Review of Website Success Stories. Pre-project research and surveying of current project users. A/B testing. Live user interview. User activity observation tools, heat maps.

    Development of a preliminary interactive prototype, user testing, feedback analysis; improvement and completion of the prototype.

  4. Tools for Website Development 22 hours

    Review, application and syntax of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and other languages. Application of “Developer Tools” in website analysis.

    Introduction to SVG format of vector graphics code, ability to analyse, edit and optimize. SVG animations, “masks” and other special effects.

    Graphic file preparation for programming; technical preparation of font, icon, vector illustration and other resources.

  5. Design Management 35 hours

    Individual portfolio development, search for graphical tools of self-expression, presentation of prior projects.

    The theory, practice and psychology behind commercial offers. Contract examples. Copyright and copyright agreements. Project transmission/acceptance acts and other relevant procedures.

    General project development practices, time-management, teamwork and collaboration, customer communication. LEAN, AGILE, SCRUM and other project management tools.

    Lead generation and sources, personal marketing.


Donatas Bengardavičius

Linkedin Web Design
Freelance Web Designer

Andrius Busilas

Linkedin Web Design
User Experience Designer at Kelkoo Group

Dates & Prices

  • Period
    29th April – 16th August
    480 (240 in-class hours)
    18:00 - 22:00
    1800€ if paid upfront, 2000€ or 100€/mo. if paid in installments. Possibility of State financing.
  • Period
    4th November – 21st February 2020
    480 (240 in-class hours)
    18:00 - 22:00
    1800€ if paid upfront, 2000€ or 100€/mo. if paid in installments. Possibility of State financing.