Java courses with an LLE scholarship

Java is one of the most popular programming languages out there. This course will lay a firm foundation for accelerating your career in the IT sector.



A student will learn to use server operating systems; program user interface for web pages; develop simple software; apply the principles and methods used in software development; create simple relational databases


Java is an object-based programming language. The language described different object structures that form the final project – a website, a mobile app or a commercial platform. Java is especially popular in Fintech development.


This course will lay a strong foundation in programming in Java – one of the most popular programming languages in the world. It will introduce you to the basic elements of object-based programming and their applications. All theoretical knowledge gained during the lectures will be supported by practice tasks – individual coding.


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Career planning


The goal of CodeAcademy is not only to provide knowledge, but also to help you retrain. We organize career workshops for students, in which students analyze market and companies operating in Lithuania as well as plan their future career.
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Personal consultations

Each CodeAcademy student gets an individual time to help prepare for a job interview with a future employer.

Career opportunities


  1. Introduction

    Meeting the lecturer and other students, addressing organizational issues, introduction to programming, OOP definitions.

    Basics of Java: data types and their applications.

    Java classifications and objects, definitions, identities.

    Tasks: your first program.

  2. Data types

    Introduction to different types of data, the differences between them and different types defined in the code.

    Initialization of classification fields, constructors?, “this()” expression.

    Practice tasks for internalizing theory.

  3. Operators, Conditional sentences

    Theory regarding Java’s mathematical and assigning operators, logical operations.

    Introduction to conditional sentences.

    Analysis of the difference between the expressions “==” and “equals()”.


  4. Cycle Application

    For, while, do – theory and real-life application.

    Break and continue.

    Introduction to JUnit test development.


  5. Arrays, Collections

    Arrays, Collections, Iterator template (Introduction to patterns in Java).

    Java API examples and different comparisons.


  6. Java JDK API application

    Properties of different types of data: String, StringBuilder, ArrayList, LocalDateTime.

    Examples and exercises.

  7. Methods, Method overloads

    Method overriding in derivative classifications, field hiding.

    Concepts of polymorphism, dynamic/static binding.

    Interfaces: expansion, realization.

    Abstract classifications and methods, interfaces.


  8. Error processing

    Exception mechanism.

    Try / Catch / Finally / throw

    The family of exception classes (NullPointerException, ArithmeticException, ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException, ClassCastException).



Mindaugas Karpinskas

Linkedin Java
Team Lead at Exadel

Martynas Mitrulevičius

Linkedin Java
Java Developer at Cognizant.

Pavel Vrublevskij

Linkedin Java
Business systems unit manager at Cgates

Žilvinas Juraška

Linkedin Java
Java Developer & Marketing Specialist at EF EVE

Dates & Prices

  • Period
    1st March – 29th March
    160 hours
    8:00 - 16:00
    1130€. State financing available.