Full-Stack Studies

A Full-Stack web development is programming both – client and server software.



Create fully functional systems using the PHP programming language. Knowledge and practical use of hypertext markup (HTML) language. Cascading Style Templates (CSS), the most popular Bootstrap template application. Using JavaScript programming to stylize a page and provide it with additional functionality.


Front-end programmers use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript programming languages to create websites. They are the ones who turn the design into a functioning website. Some websites are designed exclusively with these programming languages. However, some hide more code in the backend to enhance and improve the frontend site. Fullstack programmers work with both parts of the site – both backend and frontend. They pay for HTML, JavaScript and CSS and one or more backend programming languages.


After completing this course you will have the skills to program both front-end and back-end applications, create databases and mobile applications.


Luminor gives you the opportunity to pay for your tuition in instalments.

You can pay for your studies with the consumer loan, which is suitable for learning, travel and other purposes, and a payment period of 1 to 5 years.

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General Financing gives the opportunity to pay for training by instalments. General Financing ensures highly flexible and convenient payment terms – everyone who wants to pay can lease up to 12 months without any price increases.

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The state can finance training and provide additional compensation during the learning period: a study grant and trips to and from the training location. Contact us to find out about the funding opportunities available to you.

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Career planning


The goal of CodeAcademy is not only to provide knowledge, but also to help you retrain. We organize career workshops for students, in which students analyze market and companies operating in Lithuania as well as plan their future career.
  • CV/Linkedin
  • Portfolio
  • Market analysis

Personal consultations

Each CodeAcademy student gets an individual time to help prepare for a job interview with a future employer.

Career opportunities


  1. Introduction 92 hours

    PhpStorm – coding platform.

    Command line or Terminal.

    Composer – a tool for code block management.

    Virtual Machine and tools.

    Theory of iteration management systems.

    Working in teams.

    Web servers and web hosting

    Installing a project into a server.

  2. Basics of PHP 120 hours

    Tools and work prerequisites;

    Variables and mathematics;

    Text operations;

    Conditional sentences;



    Parameters of GET and POST superglobals;

    Forms and their processing;


  3. Front-end languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript 140 hours

    Basics of HTML;

    Basics of CSS;


  4. The Laravel Framework 120 hours

    Introduction to the Laravel.MVC framework;

    Laravel folder structures;

    Data operations and saving.

  5. Operation using the Vue.js framework 80 hours

    Introduction to the Vue.js framework;

    Advanced graphics visualisations using Vue.js.

  6. Final Exam 8 hours


Žilvinas Vidmantas

Linkedin Front-end
Full Stack Software Developer

Aivaras Čenkus

Linkedin Full Stack
Full-time lecturer, previous Full Stack Dev @Nordcode.

Arnoldas Turulis

Linkedin PHP
Programmer at Visma Lietuva

Dmitrij Jazel

Linkedin Full Stack
Senior Front-end developer at NRD Systems

Dates & Prices

  • Period
    8 April – 11 October
    720 hours (480 in-class hours)
    18:00 - 22:00
    Starts at 2500€ or 57€/month. State financing available.