Startup Olympics Vilnius 2017

2017-08-10 13:00
Vilnius Tech Park

Startup Olympics is back again and accelerates at full speed! For those who have never heard of The Games, it is a full day sports event that pools together Lithuanian startup ecosystem to challenge themselves in friendly competition, build closer relationships and award the best teams.

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Startup Olympics is organized for the second time in Lithuania! Startup Lithuania is excited to announce that Startup Olympics has become an annual event for Lithuanian startups and also promotes the brand to other European startup ecosystems.

– High-growth Lithuanian Startups
– Venture capital funds and accelerators
– Motivated students and individuals dedicated to fighting for the startup team

There are two ways for startups to participate in Startup Olympics:
1) 10 full startup teams (7-10 team members from each startup)
2) 2 mixed startup team (2 members from 1 startup, 10 members in total)
+ 1 mixed VC/accelerator team (2 members from each VC/accelerator company)


REGISTER AS AN INDIVIDUAL who wants to join a startup for this special occasion:

IMPORTANT: Building an open and integral startup community is of a great importance, therefore, every startup team will be joined by a motivated team member who will be dedicated to the team.

Startup Olympics is organized by Startup Lithuania, Enterprise Lithuania and Vilnius Tech Park.

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